Las Vegas is the most densely inhabited city in Nevada. Being commonly termed as “The Entertainment Capital of the World” or “The Capital of Lights”, Las Vegas is one of the most famous places where tourists go in the United States. Popularly known as the “Sin City”, this is the city where most of its economy lies in tourism and gambling.

Las Vegas is known for the world’s largest and grandest gaming companies. Moreover, with a huge number of hotels and casinos present in the city, a rundown of the best poker rooms in the Sin City is a definite must-have.

The Venetian poker room is one of the highly buzzed poker rooms in Las Vegas. Its avid poker players describe the room as amazingly done and equally greatly run by its management. Every table in the Venetian’s poker room is provided with a sufficient room space. Moreover, its staff, crew and dealers are very much friendly and accommodating to all poker players and guests. The ambience and surroundings of The Venetian poker room is magnificent. This place also holds a string of deep-stack tournaments and other popular poker games. Another popular poker room in Las Vegas is the MGM Grand poker room. Its poker room is immensely of high quality and superior. The rooms available in MGM Grand are uniquely spacious. In addition, because the poker room is found at the entrance of the Casino, many people are going in and out of the area. The MGM Grand remains one of the most well liked poker rooms in Las Vegas.

The Palms, on the other hand, is the home of Celebrity Poker Showdown. Its poker room, although with only ten tables in two distinct and individual rooms, it has a progressive top prize. It holds poker games such as limit Hold’em and no-limit action as well. These are separately held in the two available rooms present in the poker room. The Bellagio has a poker room that is not only famous in the city, but is also famous for most celebrities and personalities. The Bellagio’s room is amazingly well run and has an impressive combination of crowd, ambience and most importantly, games. The Mirage has also a well-celebrated poker room. The room offers a wide array and variety of games including the limit and no-limit Hold’em tournaments. Its poker room is exceptionally smoke-free and offers one of the best poker room atmospheres in the city. The Wynn is one of the most contemporary and the most extravagant. Its games can be akin to the poker games offered in Bellagio. It also has automatic shufflers, amazing poker dealers and of course, amazing ambiance. Poker players will not only enjoy the game at The Wynn; they will also have fun experiencing its unique ambiance.

The Binions is a place packed with history. As the site of where the World Series of poker is born, it is definitely rich in memoirs. Their walls are uniquely painted in red is very spacious as it can occupy seventy tables with a featured table to which the last poker games are held every day.

These poker rooms, among a hundred poker rooms present in Las Vegas, are definitely a few of the best gaming rooms tourists and locals alike shall take time to see.

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