Poker can seem to be an overwhelming game for those who have never played it. Many have only seen the game on TV in the various major tournaments that are broadcast. Pokers growth has been unmistakable over the last decade as beginners continue to learn and play in casinos and online.

The basics of Poker

Poker is derived from a family of card games. The games varies in how hands are formed, how cards are dealt, limits on bets, as well as how many rounds of wagering are allowed. In the initial round, the betting starts with some form of a forced wager. These wagers play a big role in the outcome of poker games. Because of this, poker is a game that involves some unique strategy when compared to some other casino games that are based strictly on chance. Each successive player must match the initial wager or fold from the remainder of the hand. They also have the option of raising the hand. Savvy poker players can bluff their opponents with certain moves or non-moves by remaining unemotional regardless of their hand. The betting round concludes when each player has matched the last wager or folded. If all but one player folds during the course of any given round, the remaining player wins without showing his hand. If more than a single player remains in contention after the last round of betting, all hands are then shown and the winning hand collects the pot.

Winning poker hands

While there are some variations depending on the exact poker game that is being played, there is a general order of poker hands that will lead to a victory. Here is a basic list of the top ten winning poker hands:

1. Five of a kind-This hand features four cards of the same kind plus a wild card. If multiple players have five of a kind, the player with the higher value cards will win.

2. Straight flush-A straight flush is a hand of any five cards in sequence of the same suite. A royal flush occurs when an ace is the highest card in the straight.

3. Four of a kind-The same as a five of a kind with one fewer card.

4. A full house-This hand features three cards of one kind combined with two cards of a different kind.

5. A flush-In this hand, the player holds only cards of the same suite.

6. A straight-This hand features five cards in sequence but of different suites.

7. Three of a kind-A lower version of five of a kind and four of a kind.

8. Two pairs-This hand features two cards of one rank combined with two cards from another rank.

9. A pair-A hand with two cards of one rank.

10. A high card-In this hand, no two cards have the same rank.

With a basic understanding of whether to bet or fold and the main winning hands in the sport, poker newcomers arent too far away from being able to feel like one of the elite professional players that they see each year playing for millions of dollars at the World Series of Poker.

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