Poker – Crown Poker Cruises Online Casino Games Mon, 12 Jun 2017 08:29:16 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Las Vegas Poker Rooms Mon, 12 Jun 2017 07:06:17 +0000 Las Vegas is the most densely inhabited city in Nevada. Being commonly termed as “The Entertainment Capital of the World” or “The Capital of Lights”, Las Vegas is one of the most famous places where tourists go in the United States. Popularly known as the “Sin City”, this is the city where most of its economy lies in tourism and gambling.

Las Vegas is known for the world’s largest and grandest gaming companies. Moreover, with a huge number of hotels and casinos present in the city, a rundown of the best poker rooms in the Sin City is a definite must-have.

The Venetian poker room is one of the highly buzzed poker rooms in Las Vegas. Its avid poker players describe the room as amazingly done and equally greatly run by its management. Every table in the Venetian’s poker room is provided with a sufficient room space. Moreover, its staff, crew and dealers are very much friendly and accommodating to all poker players and guests. The ambience and surroundings of The Venetian poker room is magnificent. This place also holds a string of deep-stack tournaments and other popular poker games. Another popular poker room in Las Vegas is the MGM Grand poker room. Its poker room is immensely of high quality and superior. The rooms available in MGM Grand are uniquely spacious. In addition, because the poker room is found at the entrance of the Casino, many people are going in and out of the area. The MGM Grand remains one of the most well liked poker rooms in Las Vegas.

The Palms, on the other hand, is the home of Celebrity Poker Showdown. Its poker room, although with only ten tables in two distinct and individual rooms, it has a progressive top prize. It holds poker games such as limit Hold’em and no-limit action as well. These are separately held in the two available rooms present in the poker room. The Bellagio has a poker room that is not only famous in the city, but is also famous for most celebrities and personalities. The Bellagio’s room is amazingly well run and has an impressive combination of crowd, ambience and most importantly, games. The Mirage has also a well-celebrated poker room. The room offers a wide array and variety of games including the limit and no-limit Hold’em tournaments. Its poker room is exceptionally smoke-free and offers one of the best poker room atmospheres in the city. The Wynn is one of the most contemporary and the most extravagant. Its games can be akin to the poker games offered in Bellagio. It also has automatic shufflers, amazing poker dealers and of course, amazing ambiance. Poker players will not only enjoy the game at The Wynn; they will also have fun experiencing its unique ambiance.

The Binions is a place packed with history. As the site of where the World Series of poker is born, it is definitely rich in memoirs. Their walls are uniquely painted in red is very spacious as it can occupy seventy tables with a featured table to which the last poker games are held every day.

These poker rooms, among a hundred poker rooms present in Las Vegas, are definitely a few of the best gaming rooms tourists and locals alike shall take time to see.

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Venetian Poker Room and Mirage Poker Room Mon, 12 Jun 2017 02:48:14 +0000 In 2006, the Venetian Poker room made its way as the newest poker room on the Las Vegas strip. It is almost eleven thousand square feet in size. With this huge amount of space, thirty-nine tables are available for poker games. The whole room is a non-smoking room. It has seven rooms in a separate high-stakes place. The vast number of tables at the Venetian holds Texas Hold’em poker games.

These are both limit and non-limit Texas Hold’em poker games. The tournaments at the Venetian are offered daily. Every day, the tournament starts at 12 in the afternoon and 8 in the evening. On Saturdays however, the tournament begins at twelve in the afternoon. Other poker games offered are Stud and Omaha. At The Venetian, guests will experience the foremost and the best poker gaming experience other casinos cannot offer.

The Venetian poker room is beautiful and artistically made. More than these things, it is paired with a stylish service. The Venetian does not only provide its guests with the best amenities, it also offers exclusive -features. These include a comfortable and well-off relaxing ambience. It is built using the state-of-the-art architecture and modern technology. Safe deposit boxes are made available for poker players, with seats that are very much adjustable to suit and ensure the comfort of every player. Moreover, 21 large-screen plasma televisions are also provided. The Venetian definitely prioritizes poker playing in a well-to-do ambience like no other. Their poker rooms are also conveniently providing food services.

The Mirage Poker Room on the other hand, provides real-time excitement and action when it comes to playing poker. When you see the flames of the mirage casino and when you find your way through the tiger, an exquisitely made poker room will excite your sense of sight! Made up of thirty tables that are uniquely designed to hold poker games, one will notice that the poker players here are made up of a fun and lively bunch. Therefore, more than the ambience it brings, The Mirage Poker room is a mixture of a good crowd, good food and exciting poker action. Between Mondays to Thursdays, Mirage provides no-limit Hold’em tournaments from seven in the evening. However, on Sundays, the action starts earlier at five in the afternoon. Whether you have been playing poker for a good number of years or you will just want to start your poker career, The Mirage is definitely for you.

Other poker games that you may want to try at The Mirage are seven Card Stud, Omaha 8 and Better High or Low Split. Texas Hold’em Plus is also dealt with in its twenty five-table area. The ambience it provides is perfect for playing poker in the safest and most secured possible way. More than these things, Mirage’s dealers are professionally trained to host all kinds of poker games. The management also upholds the highest level of integrity and fairness to make sure that all players get the best quality of service that they truly deserve.

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Bellagio Poker Room in Vegas Mon, 12 Jun 2017 02:39:25 +0000 Las Vegas is the most popular place to visit when you want to see, feel and experience what nightlife is. As one of the most highly dense cities in Nevada, the City of Lights is amazingly one of the top spots to visit when you are in the United States. With a huge number of hotels and casinos to choose from, Las Vegas is definitely the place to be at night.

Also termed as the Sin City, Las Vegas has every possible gambling game the world has yet to see. In fact, its economy has been hugely relying on gambling and casinos. Its tourism also boosts because of the world-famous casino strip only Las Vegas can offer. Moreover, one of these hotels includes the Bellagio.

The Bellagio has the crème de la crème or the best of the best poker rooms in the whole of Las Vegas. Its poker room has definitely witnessed a huge number of poker games as the best poker players go to this place for a pleasant gambling experience. It is not therefore very puzzling to know that the Bellagio poker room is the top choice when it comes to playing poker in the city. The superior quality of a mixture of dealers, ambience and cocktails are definitely what locals and tourists always go back to Bellagio. The non-smoking room is open at any time of the day and is definitely smoke-free. Thus, one can always be assured of an innovative and fresh feel whenever he or she visits the place. Its spacious area can hold up to thirty huge tables. So much for a poker party, don’t you think? The majority of the tables present in the room offers Texas Hold’em poker games. These are held in both limit and without limit kinds of games. Moreover, the player can enjoy a seven card stud and Omaha offered at higher limits and maximum values.

At the Bellagio poker room, guests and players are entitled to choose between two rooms. These are the higher limit and the lower limit rooms. Having this system allows or faster and more efficient transactions that every Bellagio guest is entitled to experience. Because at Bellagio, the best of the best is what you deserve. Bellagio always hosts World Poker Tour events in a different area besides the poker room. On the other hand, it offers a daily no-limit Texas Hold’em tournament. The tournament opens at two o’clock in the afternoon, with satellites beginning at nine in the morning to give players a chance to avail of the cheaper possible way to get in.

Moreover, because the Bellagio poker room is the top choice among tourists and locales, you can see and play with the most famous celebrities and personalities at any given night. These celebrities play poker on a daily basis. Not only can you enjoy the superior ambience, you can also meet and greet personalities such as Eli Elezra, Daniel Negreanu and David Benyamine, and a whole lot of other high stakes poker patrons. Thus, the Bellagio has always been their favorite place to play poker in Las Vegas. The floor dealers, the waiter and the ambience all contribute to an exemplary experience only the Bellagio can offer.

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Introduction to Poker Fri, 09 Jun 2017 04:20:38 +0000 Poker can seem to be an overwhelming game for those who have never played it. Many have only seen the game on TV in the various major tournaments that are broadcast. Pokers growth has been unmistakable over the last decade as beginners continue to learn and play in casinos and online.

The basics of Poker

Poker is derived from a family of card games. The games varies in how hands are formed, how cards are dealt, limits on bets, as well as how many rounds of wagering are allowed. In the initial round, the betting starts with some form of a forced wager. These wagers play a big role in the outcome of poker games. Because of this, poker is a game that involves some unique strategy when compared to some other casino games that are based strictly on chance. Each successive player must match the initial wager or fold from the remainder of the hand. They also have the option of raising the hand. Savvy poker players can bluff their opponents with certain moves or non-moves by remaining unemotional regardless of their hand. The betting round concludes when each player has matched the last wager or folded. If all but one player folds during the course of any given round, the remaining player wins without showing his hand. If more than a single player remains in contention after the last round of betting, all hands are then shown and the winning hand collects the pot.

Winning poker hands

While there are some variations depending on the exact poker game that is being played, there is a general order of poker hands that will lead to a victory. Here is a basic list of the top ten winning poker hands:

1. Five of a kind-This hand features four cards of the same kind plus a wild card. If multiple players have five of a kind, the player with the higher value cards will win.

2. Straight flush-A straight flush is a hand of any five cards in sequence of the same suite. A royal flush occurs when an ace is the highest card in the straight.

3. Four of a kind-The same as a five of a kind with one fewer card.

4. A full house-This hand features three cards of one kind combined with two cards of a different kind.

5. A flush-In this hand, the player holds only cards of the same suite.

6. A straight-This hand features five cards in sequence but of different suites.

7. Three of a kind-A lower version of five of a kind and four of a kind.

8. Two pairs-This hand features two cards of one rank combined with two cards from another rank.

9. A pair-A hand with two cards of one rank.

10. A high card-In this hand, no two cards have the same rank.

With a basic understanding of whether to bet or fold and the main winning hands in the sport, poker newcomers arent too far away from being able to feel like one of the elite professional players that they see each year playing for millions of dollars at the World Series of Poker.

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7 Card Stud and Razz Rules Mon, 05 Jun 2017 02:22:12 +0000 Stud Poker is any poker card game in which you are dealt some cards facing down and some cards facing up. The face-up cards, obviously, can be seen by other players. Betting is determined by who has what kind of cards.

Face-down cards are called pocket or hole cards. Perhaps it is because they are “hidden” like hands in your pocket. The face-up cards are called door cards.

7 Card Stud Poker Rules

7 Card Stud is a standard stud game that can seat up to 8 players. You get seven cards total hence the name. You can use any five of those seven cards to make your hand, unlike in Omaha.

To play, all participants must post an ante.

Next, the dealer gives each player a card. The dealing continues until everyone has two hole (facing down) cards and one door (facing up) card.

Betting begins clockwise started by the player with the lowest door card. This player “brings in” a bet that the others can call, raise or fold to.

Then the turn or fourth street card is dealt face up to each player.

Now the player with the highest visible card starts the betting. This applies to all future betting in the game.

The fifth (river) and sixth streets follow in the same fashion. (Note: “turn” and “river” in 7 Card Stud are NOT community cards).

The seventh and last card is given to each player face down.

After a last betting round and more than one player remains, there is a showdown of hands. In 7 Card Stud, as in standard poker games, the highest poker hand wins.

Razz Poker Rules

Razz is a variant of 7 Card Stud. It is a “lowball” poker game. That is, the objective is to win with the lowest poker hand according to the hand rankings. The straight and flush are not considered, so the best hand is A-2-3-4-5 also known as a “wheel.”

Unlike in Omaha Hi/Lo where a low hand has to be 8 and lower, there is no need to qualify for a low hand. Any hand can be the winning lowball hand.

Razz rules are the mirror-image of the standard 7 Card Stud game. Since high is low and low is high, there are reversals. For example, it is the player with the highest door card who makes the bring-in.

Razz is the game most hated by poker players. Even in the World Series of Poker tournament, the pros showed their frustration with the game.

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