When signing up for an online casino account, all players are required to accept an end user agreement, a form of documentation that contains all the terms and conditions under which you are allowed to play.  Some of this information is relevant to details about banking and transferring money to your casino account.  As a new player, you should read these terms and conditions to make sure you understand them before accepting the agreement.  This article will explain why.

Key Terms and Conditions

It is important to know that by accepting the end user agreement, you are authorizing the online casino to impose certain stipulations and obligations upon you.  For one, you must confirm that you are the legitimate owner of the money being placed in the account for wagering, meaning you can’t place bets with someone else’s credit card.  You should also know that this agreement frequently states that while you may place wagers immediately, you are not allowed to withdraw funds until your credit card company has confirmed the transaction.  This isn’t necessarily the fault of the online casino, but it is still something you need to consider.

Violation of the Agreement

If you violate any of the terms and conditions outlined in the end user agreement, whether they are related to wagering or banking issues, it could end up having a negative affect on the funds in your online casino account.  Should your account be suspended or deactivated for any reason, note that the agreement often states that the casino operator can withhold any contested payments, whether they are in the form of refunds, deposits or bonuses.  This is permission you give them when accepting the end user agreement.  If you happen to owe the online casino money, the operator is authorized by you to take various actions to get it.  A worst case scenario would involve them calling upon third-party collection agencies to recover the debt.

Dormant Accounts

One important condition that lies in the end user agreement relates to dormant casino accounts.  Some players sign up with multiple casinos, playing at one for a while and then venturing off to several others before coming back; if they return at all.  Quite a few players even leave money in their account that is owed to them.  This is why many casinos specify that a player has up to six months to withdraw money if their account is lying dormant and they are not participating at the casino.  Once this period ends, that money is no longer yours.  Since you accepted the end user agreement, you agreed to forfeit the funds and hand them over to the casino.  Operators have a reason for doing this, and it is primarily because maintaining casino accounts is a part of their operating expense.  If you are not putting yours to use, then they are not making any money from it.


You must only read and digest the end user agreement one time.  This does not have to be a hassle as it can be a fast and simple process.  In any event, you should definitely make sure you read and understand it before wagering at any online casino.

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