Las Vegas is the most popular place to visit when you want to see, feel and experience what nightlife is. As one of the most highly dense cities in Nevada, the City of Lights is amazingly one of the top spots to visit when you are in the United States. With a huge number of hotels and casinos to choose from, Las Vegas is definitely the place to be at night.

Also termed as the Sin City, Las Vegas has every possible gambling game the world has yet to see. In fact, its economy has been hugely relying on gambling and casinos. Its tourism also boosts because of the world-famous casino strip only Las Vegas can offer. Moreover, one of these hotels includes the Bellagio.

The Bellagio has the crème de la crème or the best of the best poker rooms in the whole of Las Vegas. Its poker room has definitely witnessed a huge number of poker games as the best poker players go to this place for a pleasant gambling experience. It is not therefore very puzzling to know that the Bellagio poker room is the top choice when it comes to playing poker in the city. The superior quality of a mixture of dealers, ambience and cocktails are definitely what locals and tourists always go back to Bellagio. The non-smoking room is open at any time of the day and is definitely smoke-free. Thus, one can always be assured of an innovative and fresh feel whenever he or she visits the place. Its spacious area can hold up to thirty huge tables. So much for a poker party, don’t you think? The majority of the tables present in the room offers Texas Hold’em poker games. These are held in both limit and without limit kinds of games. Moreover, the player can enjoy a seven card stud and Omaha offered at higher limits and maximum values.

At the Bellagio poker room, guests and players are entitled to choose between two rooms. These are the higher limit and the lower limit rooms. Having this system allows or faster and more efficient transactions that every Bellagio guest is entitled to experience. Because at Bellagio, the best of the best is what you deserve. Bellagio always hosts World Poker Tour events in a different area besides the poker room. On the other hand, it offers a daily no-limit Texas Hold’em tournament. The tournament opens at two o’clock in the afternoon, with satellites beginning at nine in the morning to give players a chance to avail of the cheaper possible way to get in.

Moreover, because the Bellagio poker room is the top choice among tourists and locales, you can see and play with the most famous celebrities and personalities at any given night. These celebrities play poker on a daily basis. Not only can you enjoy the superior ambience, you can also meet and greet personalities such as Eli Elezra, Daniel Negreanu and David Benyamine, and a whole lot of other high stakes poker patrons. Thus, the Bellagio has always been their favorite place to play poker in Las Vegas. The floor dealers, the waiter and the ambience all contribute to an exemplary experience only the Bellagio can offer.

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