If you wish to play an intellectual game and at the same time earn money, then backgammon is the right game for you. It includes the best of both worlds – a wonderful gaming experience, because it depends on luck, and an intellectual pastime, because not only luck determines who will be the winner in backgammon. It depends on your ability to analyze the deck and calculate the probability of the next throw.

You can spend ages and ages playing this game. You can play and drink coffee, chat with your opponent, listen to some nice music. The rules aren’t very complicated, yet your strategies and tactics can be as advanced as you like it to be. The general rules are quite simple. You have 2 dice, with which you determine how many movements you’ll have in a game.

The total sum of the 2 dice determines how many movements you have. There are several kinds of backgammon with either more or less complicated rules. You should determine which kind of game you like and learn the basic rules. Later, during the game, you’ll be able to improve your skills.

With the invention of the internet, you have a unique opportunity to play backgammon online as well as in real life. You should choose a provider— or in other words, backgammon room — and learn the basic rules with the help of some gambling casino tutorials, then find opponents and start playing. Most providers of backgammon online are giving you the possibility to play for free, yet, if you wish, you can always switch to the mode where you can play for money.

You earn money by calculating the number of your opponent’s pieces that remain on the board, or you can bet a certain sum of money for the whole game – the winner gets all!

When you first approach online backgammon you’re faced with a lot of options.  There are just so many sites that offer many different pros and cons depending on what you are looking for.  But what many people don’t realize they have an option of is whether they want a site that requires a backgammon download or not.

The most popular gambling sites require you to download their gaming software.  They’re the most popular because these downloads give you access to the best graphics, special features, and bonuses.  However, for people that don’t want to download and are willing to take a step down as far as the quality of graphics and special features, you can choose a web-based site that doesn’t require downloads.  Now, online backgammon is just like any other online gaming site; you can choose a backgammon download site for the best playing experience or a web-based site that requires none.  Either way, you’ll have access to real money backgammon with thousands of other players all over the world.

Me personally, I utilize this in another way.  I play the backgammon download sites at home to get the best gaming experience and when I’m at work on a lunch break I play the web based site.  Not only are web based site good for people that don’t like to download, but they are also great for playing on computers that don’t allow you to download or computers you don’t want to download on.

There are plenty of options when picking an online backgammon site.  Hopefully you’ll have an easier time deciding now that you know the difference between the web based and backgammon download options.

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